Saturday, January 14, 2017

Happy Anniversary Glass Incarnate!

Today marks the 11th anniversary of this blog. Eleven years. Wow. That's 73% of my child's life and 52% of my married life. I have had this day marked on my calendar for the past couple of weeks, planning to do a really splendid post and include highlights of the past 11 years. But life had other ideas. I find myself at 10:30 pm after a wonderful day with my spouse, a great family meal, and a movie all cozy with my spouse and my child, and there's a kitten in my lap. It's hard to manage the laptop around the kitten. ANd I find I care more about the kitten than the post. I care more about the present than the past. Being present in my now, hearing the faint sound of the fountain on the back deck and the soft breathing of my husband between my taps on the keyboard, that's what's real. ANd it's good. What happened in the past 11 years was life, a full life. There was "Comedy. Love. And a bit with a dog." (Just like in "Shakespeare in Love.") And there's still comedy, love, and bits of three dogs all over the house. And a kitten in my lap.

So instead of writing more about the past, I'm going to take my present, dislodge the kitten and go to bed with my spouse. I'll really blog tomorrow.

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Bill said...

Quit with the kitten in your lap and instruct Dave to have a seat there instead...