Wednesday, January 11, 2017


I have come to the conclusion that I need minions. I was talking to Dee yesterday about getting the studio set up, and I realized how much faster it would be going if she were here to help. It's not that I'm averse to heavy lifting and hard work. I'm happy to just keep doing until the doing is done--when someone else is there doing too. When I'm by myself I dither... a lot. And I am very easily distracted (Squirrel!).

Yesterday afternoon I spent some time in the utility room trying to set up an area for gift wrap, bows, tissue paper, and all the paraphernalia for wrapping presents. I did get about a third of it done, but then I wandered off to buy more organizing tools to really optimize the set-up. Today as I was doing a FaceTime crafting session with Becky, I realized that I would have finished the job completely had she been here helping me with it--keeping me on task. Really, I don't need minions, I just need company--though minion is a much more fun word. Todd calls the people who help me (including himself) flying monkeys--mostly because I think he likes comparing me to the wicked witch of the west--and Judy likes the label studio elves. I like friends--or family.

Last weekend it was time to take down the Christmas tree and put away the majority of the house decorations (I decided to leave the lights around all of the windows and the red bead garland on the chandelier up till March). I wasn't exactly dreading the task, but I did figure it would easily take me all day. But Dave had other ideas: Instead of me doing it myself, we did it together, and it went so fast! Ornaments off the tree, pottery angels neatly packed away, garland, lights, stockings, advent calendars, zip, zap, zup, and away. Putting away laundry is like that too. Many hands do make light work. I almost wish I lived in a time when women from the village would get together and do their chores. But as that would entail beating clothes on rocks on the banks of a muddy creek and carrying big, heavy baskets of wet clothes back home to dry, I think I'm better off alone in the here and now.

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Bill said...

You WILL gather adherents to the cult that is Siyeh. Have no fear.