Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Make Flowers Not Politics

The universe clearly doesn't want me to post anything more about the Affordable Care Act or Planned Parenthood as Blogger just deleted my entire formatted post and I can't get it back. So instead of a rant, you get flowers. Today Jessie and I started up our ikebana practice again after the holidays, and though it was difficult to get back into the rhythm, we made it. I also practiced drawing today, and in both drawing and ikebana, my head got in the way of my creativity. I think it was the same for Jessie. The last couple of days have found me still more energized than I have been for several months--which is great, but also sliding into the nervy, agitated side of energized, which is very counterproductive to creative work (and a tranquil home). Need to find my happy medium. The kitten, who keeps walking on my keyboard and putting her nose up to mine is clearly trying to help.

I didn't plan to stay up so late tonight as I have slept poorly for the past two nights, but I was unwilling to miss another Spin15 day or a post. So now I post, and when I am done, I will spin. I posted the ikebana pic at right to my 365 Project tonight. It's kind of lame, but unlike yesterday, I didn't take many pictures today--just ikebana. But the 365 Project is not meant to be 365 days of stunning, professionally composed and shot photos--it's 365 days of life. Some days my life is messy and haphazard, and some days it's breathtakingly beautiful so it's perfectly okay that my photos are the same.

I wish I'd had this little chat with myself earlier in the day instead of wasting it fretting that I wasn't going to get to everything I had scheduled, or I was going to be late for something. I spent the whole day anticipating failure and disaster. But life is quite pleasant if I let myself relax and enjoy it instead of worrying about what I won't get done. There is something peaceful about the house when everyone (except for the kitten and me) is asleep and the only sounds are the ticking of the clock, the purring of the kitten in my arms (I type one-handed and pause for frequent pets at her insistence), and the gentle snorelets of the husband. Sadly the kitten's going to be disappointed (and indignant) in a minute as there is no way I can hold and pet her and spin at the same time.

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Bill said...

Old high school game: spin the kitten.