Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Positive Creativity Over Negative Fear

After checking in with Facebook this morning and seeing what someone had commented on one of my posts, I was very upset and started to write a blog post about history, Donald Trump, the rise of nationalism, and the bad things that follow when someone promises to make things better for you by blaming someone else for causing your problems. And then I had to stop. I know it's true, I'm afraid worse is coming--what we've got is certainly bad enough, and my heart begins to pound and hurt at the same time. But I can't right now. I just can't.

So I choose to write about art, creation, beauty, and positive energy. Next week I start the drawing class I signed up for at the Art School at Laguna Gloria. Yesterday I bought all of my supplies for it, and I am both nervous that I'll fail--that I can't draw, and excited at the prospect of unlocking a new outlet for my internal creative voice.

While I was out running around for errands, I also did my first shopping from Facebook messenger. The messenger app on the phone has a tab for people to sell things in your area--they should call it FaceList or CraigsBook. Anyway I picked up a handmade elm bench made locally from a fallen elm tree, and cool pub table and small dishwasher that are for the apartment. I wasn't planning on getting the dishwasher, but the very nice woman from whom I purchased the table also had the dishwasher from a recent kitchen remodel, and she just wanted it out of the garage so she gave it to me.

I have to be honest: I chose both the bench and the table because of their eminent suitability for refinishing and inlay. Oh boy,  I feel the projects stacking up. We had to make a rule in the house that if you buy something for the house you have to deploy it immediately. You can't buy anything else until that thing is deployed. So, e.g., if I bought a shoe rack for the front hall that had to be assembled, it would have to be assembled and installed right away. This rule came to be because of Ikea. It's way to easy to buy stuff at Ikea and then not get it set up for months. Do you see the parallel? I am getting projects stacked up--a stash of a different sort, if you will. Now I need to start doing them. No more comes in until I do some of the ones I have. That's a good idea! New resolution: I cannot take on a new project until I complete two others. How about at least one other. Yeah, I can do that. But getting tools to do current projects, that's okay. And since I'm no longer in Atlanta and can't use Becky's, it's time to get a scroll saw.

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Bill said...

I know the whereabouts of several "projects" in our extended house that were purchased YEARS ago and have yet to be done, and there's one project that I've wanted to do for years that we don't have the materials for and I don't see it happening for at least another two years. Sadness and woe.

I think that this resolution is one that you really can manage easily, and should.