Sunday, January 22, 2017

Oh My, Oh My, Oh Sunday

Other than Torchy's Tacos for breakfast and a run to IKEA, it was a pretty laid-back day. I did pick up another Bona mop for stone and tile floors--I would have just used my existing one with a new cleaner cartridge, but I couldn't find any cartridges locally. So I have a second Bona mop. Bottom line: tomorrow I mop the utility room and greenhouse floors.

IKEA has stepped up their furniture game and I found the perfect table for the utility room there. It's meant to be a kitchen cart/island, but it will make a great folding table for laundry, and laundry baskets will fit up underneath it--off the floor where the dogs won't pee on them. Welcome to my life. It's taller than it looks in the photo, and it has a really pretty bamboo butcher block edge. Well, not really bamboo butcher block, bamboo butcher block formica. In any case, it's the perfect height and width for the space, and it's stylish too.

Today, the wind blew so hard today it blew the front door open several times. It blew hard enough for us to enjoy the wind chimes in our neighbors' backyard made from oxygen tanks with the bottoms cut off (that used to be in our front yard--life is weird). It blew so hard that it blew all the haze from the air so our view of downtown from the house was crisp and clear. The wind blew signaling change, signaling clearing out and cleaning out. I am feeling pretty good about the cleansing wind, no bluster allowed.

I still have two developers pestering me about the studio property, but I ended the day by just telling them that if they're serious, send a REAL contract, (thank you Stacy Reno for telling me which contract to specify). I told them the points I wanted in the contract, and who I wanted to use for a closing attorney (thank you agin, Stacy, for the recommendation on the closing attorney). We'll see if they respond with new offers or not. If they don't, fine, I am done looking at real estate contracts with spelling and grammatical errors. If they have those kinds of errors in them, how confident can I be that they are legally correct? If those boys want to be in the big leagues, they better get real contract forms.

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