Sunday, June 13, 2010

Welcome to Sunday!

White jasmine "sun tea" for my beverage, the sounds of air conditioner and fan for music--welcome to summer in the south! And welcome back to seven-day work-weeks. Don't get me wrong, I'm not working all day everyday, but I am working some of every day. Summer camp starts tomorrow and I have at least ten other directions to go in right now too--and that's just for Siyeh Glass and Studio. Add the things I would like to do in the house this summer to the mix--like paint my bedroom and bathroom (and you know painting for me is never just about rolling on a color and being done--there has to be glaze and faux techniques, and silver stars included), make lush, silk curtains for the bedroom, put in the pond/bog pond/vegetable-herb garden, build a bunny hutch with a ground-level run for Jasmine, fix up J's playhouse by putting in a new floor and carpeting the loft area--and maybe paint it too, and as a stretch goal ('cause everybody needs a stretch goal) paint J's room like a jungle (with the direction, artistry and help of Elaine Snell).

But this is Glass Incarnate, not Stranded in the South, so let's get back to glass "stuff". While I was in Las Vegas Lee and his son Miles added a shade and rain roof off of the hotshop (wood with a metal roof blending in seamlessly with the rest of the structure) and Judy sorted and organized my scrap glass, tools and supplies into student and personal areas--I actually have a shot at finding everything I have now! This weekend Miles is building an outdoor storage hut for the oxygen and propane tanks (and putting in new hoses and shut-off valves) so we can get them out of the bead classroom. I am going to take the time today--now that the year is over half-over and the month is almost half over in the time it took me to blink--to plan out the studio goals and tasks for the rest of the year and to schedule them! Wow, big task. I'll post the results tomorrow ;-).

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Bill said...

You have a very big plate to clean off...