Monday, June 21, 2010

Seven-Day Work Weeks R Us

Yesterday afternoon I got a call from someone wanting to schedule a date night for last night in the hotshop. Even though it was Father's Day, Lee was game so I shopped (they had to bring their own wine as it was Sunday and you can't buy alcohol in stores here in the lovely south on Sunday) and we put together a nice date. Welcome to a true seven-day work week. I know, I know--I didn't have to answer the phone. But that's the problem with having the studio phone ring in the house too--the phone rings you (or at least I) answer it--regardless of the time, day or night. Might have to rethink that one.

I mentioned in a post last week that I taught the little summer campers how to cut glass, but I didn't post any pictures as I lost my camera for a couple of days (sadly not an uncommon experience, the camera losing). But my Mom found it, and there were some great camp pics of the water slide and cutting glass that I'll share today.

This week is all about production work and marketing. We still have a couple of spots in our Glass Craft Camp for next week, and we have more than a couple available for July 19th. We also need to fill one spot in the glass-blowing camp next week. Busy, busy, busy. The next three weeks actually all have orders scheduled to ship so I have got to get most everything fired this week. It would be too much to try to fuse orders and do camp.

Okay, time to go cut the last pieces of opaline and Tekta for the last of the transparent opaline-a-palooza samples and GET THEM FIRED. Does it seem to anyone but me that this is a project that just won't die? This is definitely the last time that I agree to do 2" X 1" pieces of clear AND another color (opaline, in this case) for each 2" sample square of glass. Either that, or I have the participants cut their own half squares! Heck, since I am responsible for the firing, the post-fire clean-up, and the labeling (even though the latter two are really done by Judy), maybe I should have workshop participants cut ALL the glass!


Bill said...

Great photos!

Dee said...

glad your mom could find your camera, my finding skills aren't available till fri ;P