Thursday, June 10, 2010

Have You Seen My Groove?

Just let the dogs out in the backyard for their nightly ablutions and I have a couple of minutes to put up a quick post before they come in, and I head to bed. I have lost my groove. Maybe the show knocked more stuffing out of me than I thought, but I have been down in the dumps since I got home. I am interested to hear how Tahmi does at Beckman's as I have been considering that show myself. I am reconsidering participating in the One of a Kind Show again this winter--even though I had previously sworn off retail shows.

I am getting so tired of struggling like a salmon heading up stream every year! Lately I just want to chuck it all in and float back towards the sea. But I won't, because I'm a salmon and that's just not what we do. We're fighters, and I am going to make this glass business thrive if I have to swim everyday till next year...

So much for slowing down.


Bill said...

"Salmon Chanted Evening!"

Tahmi said...

Hope you find it soon! Mine came back about 10PM last night - I think it was just on a long layover in the Denver airport. ;)