Tuesday, June 22, 2010


No coffee yet, I should change that. The house is totally silent, all I hear is the sound of birds outside and the clicking of the keys as I type. I don't think either of them are enough to keep me awake. Jessie and Mom still slumber, Dave's in Austin (not slumbering, I'm sure), and I wish I was not up, dressed, ostensibly working and waiting for the dryer installer to come hook up the new dryer. (Oh I wanted the red washer and dryer, but I just couldn't see my way to paying an extra $200 for the pleasure).

Atlanta in the summer is not really a place for working with hot glass, and yet that's just what we're doing! Are we mad? This week is all about production glass (and website, marketing, and other administration) and next week is all about summer camp again (and website, marketing, and other administration). I find myself longing to be in elementary school again where summer means staying up late, sleeping in late, lounging, reading, and playing. This whole grown-up thing is not all it's cracked up to be. It figures that by the time you really get to make your own decisions, you find yourself deciding to Be Adult and Be Responsible. (Let's go to Greece!).

Okay, off to pick up the new studio shirts from Mike, get more blank cd's from Office Depot, make a deposit at the bank, and buy food and beverage for tonight's date night. No rest for the wicked glass artist.


geri said...

I have $7 saved up in my "Greece Trip" envelope.

Bill said...

Studio shirts?