Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Camp, and Kiln Loads, and Groupons, Oh My!

A little (well, more than a little) Woodbridge Chardonnay in a Riedel stemless glass, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom for background music. What a day!! Two more orders from wholesale customers came in today, it was the second day of summer camp, and I had a second look at a relatively new on-line marketing tool. It was a full and... thought-provoking... day.

Yesterday's summer camp project was the glass sketch for 7-9 year-olds.I put up photos of the pictures they drew on yesterday's post, here is a quick side-by-side of a couple of them in paint/pencil on one side and pre-fired glass in the other. I finish with the glass post-fuse. These kids are AMAZING!

Today's summer camp project was chalk drawings in the morning with the the campers as the stars of their drawings, and fused glass picture frames in the afternoon in which to hold the photos of the drawings and their camper stars. It was a another scorcher in Atlanta, and the little campers sweltered in the pursuit of their art. Heh.

The worst part was when the pictures were done and they had to lay down in them so I could take pictures of them. It wouldn't have been so bad, but the sun was directly overhead and their little grimaces of pain from the sunlight in their eyes somewhat spoiled the effect of the pictures.

At the end of the day we got a summer storm and all the chalk was washed away. The drive looked a bit like the fairgrounds the day after the carnival pulls out--tawdry and sad.

Between summer camp and date night cd's and phone calls and and and, I didn't even get started on my kiln loads till about 6:00 pm--bad as I was already a day late (I should've fired Monday, but the day ran too long, and I should've fired Sunday but, and I should've fired Saturday but but, and Friday and back to Wednesday--my first day home from Vegas).

By 8:00 I had the penultimate load of opaline-a-palooza pieces in, shards for Todd for orders from Vegas, the picture frames--and the first ever sheet of glass I've had to make specifically for Todd. The premise of my work with him is that he repurposes shards of Morceaux de Verre pieces that have been smashed because they are imperfect in some way. I don't throw them (anything) out--and I have never liked selling "seconds"--so it has been a great combination of work to put his metal around my glass and make it into something new and great.

Anyway, Todd has an order for about 60 of his trees for a catalog, each tree uses three pieces of glass in the base, and they want the trees as close to identical as possible (i.e., the same glass) so for the first time we didn't have enough of the right glass and I had to make it. I'm curious to see how it will turn out tomorrow, this 20" x 35" 1/4" thick sheet of Earth glass. I'm also curious as to how well the colors work when it's smashed (and I can't wait to see Todd and Judy's reactions when I make them smash it--you wouldn't believe how many old pieces that would have made great shards were "rescued" because one or the other of them couldn't bear to break them up).

Though summer camp and the kiln loads would each have made a full and interesting post, it has been such a day that I am just now getting to the most interesting happening of the day. Some time (months?) ago Lori approached me to ask me what I thought about Groupons...

I am such a tease, but it can't be helped. I just looked at the clock and it's almost midnight. I will turn into worse than a pumpkin if I don't get TO BED NOW. Speaking of what I could turn into, I need to remember to take a picture of my birthday present from Todd so I can post it. It was too perfect. More on Groupons tomorrow.

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Bill said...

Bridget has been doing the Groupon thing lately, from a couple of local restaurants. So far, so good.