Sunday, June 20, 2010

She Does!

Yesterday was a very special day in the glsss studio. We had a glass blowing date in the afternoon, and at the beginning of it the man proposed! He had arranged it with us in advance and everyone in the studio got into the act. Jessie thought that Todd should make a wire man down on bended knee holding up his hand to offer the ring. I wanted the man to hold a red rose, Todd made the man, Lee distracted the bride-to-be so we could get him set-up on the steel marver, and the groom to be did his part by getting down on bended knee himself to propose. She said "yes of course!", they kissed, drank champagne... and got on with the glass blowing! A butterfly even landed in the hotshop and blessed them with good fortune. I leave the video to tell the rest of the story for me.


Judy said...

Gary looks like he is about to burst-that smile couldn't get any bigger ! The wire man Todd made on one knee is wicked (good ) and will be a nice reminder - very thoughtful.

maria said...

very, very heart-warming. Thanks for posting Brenda!

Bill said...

Not only do they get a wedding/marriage out of this date, but a whole panoply of beautiful glass objects that they made themselves. And can you imagine the word-of-mouth?