Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday and Still Standing

DECAF in the Denver skyline mug, "The Power of Two" by the Indigo Girls on iTunes (and Jessie telling Ernie to "Peace out, Erns" as she takes a movie of him with her little camera) for my background. Last night's kilnforming date night was a great success, and, as always, there's no rest for the wicked today. I wish I still had a working Remedy server and a copy of all the software. I would whip out a POS program in a heartbeat and I wouldn't have to "settle". I HATE settling. Is it to much to ask that one of the columns of information shown in the list of orders is the order total? Barring that, is there any reason why I can't have a report for orders? *sigh* I'm sure I have bigger things to worry about, but it's annoying nonetheless.

Today, taxes to the accountant, POS for the glass resource center, the rest of the orders in the studio POS system, do the ad-creation and write-up for the summer camps we decided upon yesterday, a web development next-steps plan for Michael for the resource center... there are a bunch more things that should be on that list, but, heck, without coffee there's only so much I can get done!


Douglas said...

Know what you mean, Decaf just doesn't do it for me. Even though I drink Sugarfree capacucinno's I still have to have my caffine. No energy without it. Go get it girl. You seem to have a full plate, don't know how you get it all done.

Bill said...

Coffee? Girl, you need a time machine!