Friday, February 26, 2010

In For a Penny...

Coffee with Italian sweet cream creamer AND Belgian toffee chocolate creamer (I'm a cosmopolitan coffee drinker) in the Montreal mug, The ticking of the clock interspersed with Ernie's rumbling snores from the couch next to me for music. I am typing so fast there is smoke coming from under my fingers (and I'm not even a touch typist!). I don't know if it's the reintroduction of caffeine to my life or the longer daylight and promise of spring just around the corner. Whatever, I have the first third of the outline for the next book done, several weeks of summer camp in the planning stages, two corporate gift proposals in (one for 1000 pieces and the other for 3000 pieces), and I'm raring to go on a kitchen garden... Oh yes, and I have a kilnforming date night tonight and I start 5 weeks of private glass lessons for someone next week. Whee! (I say again, Whee!).

Now Lee, Dee and Todd are on their ways over to meet and talk about classes, orders, reconcile finances, and plan, plan, plan! I also need to get with Brian to go over the next construction in the torchwork classroom (the vent system). Then there are the advertising campaigns for ACRE, resource center classes, and summer camp, and the information cards, catalog, brochure and follow-ups with galleries I didn't see at the BMAC. Mustn't forget the POS program--I FINALLY whipped it into shape last night at midnight (another midnight of POSing) for the studio and will create the one for the resource center over the weekend.

Time's awasting, got to go. Everyone will be here soon and I've got to call Maureen James of Profitable Glass and Glass Patterns Quarterly back. She called yesterday to ask if I'd be interested in writing a tutorial for them this month and I have JUST the project!


Anonymous said...

I can FEEL the caffeine.

Nancy Goodenough

Anonymous said...

Have you heard of the Coffee Party Movement?

I like their premise, just can't drink the stuff. Even decaff is too strong for me. My heart races for this group, however.

Nancy Goodenough

Cynthia Morgan said...

Heavens, when I grow up, can I be you?

Bill said...

Clearly, economic downturn or no, you are doing well. You positioned yourself properly to diversify, and didn't get caught doing only one thing (those who live by the sword, die by the sword).

However, lay off the coffee!