Friday, February 12, 2010

Too Tired To Post

Well, I'm not too tired to post, but I'm too tired to do justice to a post so I'll wait till tomorrow morning to regale you with details of the first day at the BMAC (Buyer's Market of American Craft). Suffice it to say it's a very good show so far (my sales at the end of day 1 are already 43% of my total sales for last February's show). I close with a picture of the new booth layout--at least my side of the aisle of it--Bill and Elaine are across the aisle in a mirror set-up with mostly metal and some glass.

Now off to snore some more.


carol h said...

very nice

Geri Omohundro said...

Yaay! Glad to hear it's paying off. And I don't see where you could've fit that last kiln load in anyway.. the booth is simply fab!

Bill said...