Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Thinking about going back to coffee, at least decaf (antioxidants, doncha know), listening to Dave play an early morning round of Bioshock 2 before taking the J to school. It's a Tuesday. Last week after I got home from the show I planned to take some time off to rest. Instead I found myself loading and reloading data into Checkout, the Mac POS program I have been testing. It has a couple of serious flaws, but it's extremely well-designed with a very good user interface, it works on a Mac, it's better than most if not all the alternatives, and it's affordable. Best of all from some people's perspective is that it exports invoices to Quickbooks (you're welcome V). Finally have all the products and customers imported and configured, now just going to do the show orders this morning and fire up the kilns for the first time since before the BMAC this afternoon. Oh yes, and I'm looking forward to opening the package with all the paperweight goodies from Sara and David that have been arriving over the past week.


Bill said...

Bioshock 2?

And he didn't even make you coffee?

Is this the same David, or has he been replaced by a pod person?

Is there any indication that he wants to nibble on your frontal lobe?

I'd watch him carefully, if I were you...

becky said...