Thursday, October 15, 2009

Going Live

Welcome to the morning! Version 1.0 of the new Siyeh Glass website is up thanks to web designer and very good friend Mike Z. This is not a replacement site for the Siyeh Studio site, it's an additional site for the new Glass Resource Center and will contain all the info about our classes, supplies, my book, etc., etc. Let me know what you think.

Yesterday saw much accomplished in the studio and the arrival of five pallets of glass and misc from Bullseye--in the drizzling rain. I hope it dries out SOON. Today is overcast, but it's not actively raining at this time. Good thing, too, as I have got to get the crawlspace/basement pumped out so I can redo the sump pump set-up, fill the whole floor in with 5-6 inches of gravel, and get the furnace and the hot water heater replaced. Ungh.

Dan the carpenter is in the studio today to set-up the beadmaking table, build a new worktable--even if it's just a 4X89 sheet of plywood on a couple of sawhorses as I have order due and can't be without a table. The old work table is being reborn as the beadmaking table--it's perfect for it. Now that the units to hold the cut sheets of glass from Bullseye are in, it's time to get everything sealed. I'll be finishing off the day with the Minwax polyurethane.

Dee lent a hand all day yesterday and we got the sandblast cabinet stripped down and ready to move (we took out the long bar that's for supporting doors and large pieces of glass as they pass through the cabinet--I neither have room for it, nor have I used it in the past five years). We also moved one shelving unit and all the stuff on it, and more than half sorted another one (so THAT'S where those extra dinner plates and salad bowls from the house ended up. Dave will be so thrilled to get them back!). I am debating the wisdom of a quick run to Home Depot for another shelving unit and a day laborer to move the rest. there *is* a lot of frit that needs to go out there, and I half put my back out yesterday... I'll keep it in mind.

Now off to see how much I can get in the kiln before Dan arrives.


Bill said...

Exciting stuff!

Geri Omohundro said...

I too have the sandblast cabinet with the long bars and used them once for a door project... since then they've come in very handy for hanging my sandblast shirt and gloves on tho :) hmmm.... taking them off isn't a bad idea!

Geri Omohundro said...

Just checked the new webpage.... love the drop down calendar! off to a great start... wish i could be there, sounds like a lot of fun!

Kathleen Krucoff said...

The studio website looks very nice. I like the interaction available and the calendar is really good.

Wishing you much success in this new venture!