Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Too Much For One Tuesday

Coffee was in the Atlanta skyline mug--scarfed it down already, "Waste a Lifetime" by BoDeans for music. Today is less about wasting a lifetime and more about the crammed fullness of possibilities in one, and my wish for two simultaneous lifetimes (or to live on a planet with 36 hours in a day) to get to everything. The problem, if indeed there really is a problem, is that everything I'm working on is time-sensitive. The masks in glass summer camp is scheduled to start on July 6th whether I am ready or not, and the garden is bursting into summer with all the pent-up vigor of spring, again, whether I am ready for it or not. Glass on the left, gardening on the right, stuck in the middle with you blogging through my paralysis.

It's going to be another hot day here in Atlanta. We had a cold, rainy spring that gave way in a day with no transition into full, glorious hot summer. Shrubs, trees and vines still need pruning and staking (and boy am I late on THAT task!). The weeds must be addressed before they take over everything (first kudzu sighting this morning). Fire ants must be wrangled (out of existence) and bedding and potted plants tucked in before it's just too hot... and none of the preceding have anything to do with glass.

Because it's going to be another hot day here in Atlanta I need to get the kiln loads in this morning while it's cool. The beginning of last week I had nothing scheduled for this week, then starting Wednesday the orders began trickling in at a steady one a day through yesterday. Just that easily my firing schedule is full for the week.

Then there's all the non-glass glass work to be done: website, sales tax (still. I am bad.), gallery check-ins, ACRE planning, info card design and ordering, and the pièce de résistance--summer camp curriculum. The reading alone I have accumulated is staggering (everything from Johnathon's oeuvre on coldworking to all the reference books on the significance of masks in various cultures I got to prepare for summer camp).

So how do I get the gardening AND the glass done in the 24-hour days I have in this earthly lifetime? Is the solution really more hours in a day? I think not! I think I know the answer (pick me! pick me!). How about I get the kiln loads in right now in the cool morning before it gets too hot. Then, while it's still not scorching, I spend an extended lunchtime puttering in the garden. Finish with an afternoon in the skychair sipping lemonade and webbing/curriculuming/planning. Sounds like a good idea to me. Wash, rinse, reppeat tomorrow and Friday and I could find myself in front of the eight ball by the weekend. (Now why is in front of the eight ba;; better than behind the eight ball? Hmmm. Something more to think about.)

A quick note and query as I close:

The glass roll-up workshop was such an incredible, invigorating joy and success that it looks like there may be another workshop offered at the same studio the end of August/the beginning of September by a renowned pate de verre artist/teacher. I have been charged with scoping out interest in taking the workshop and specific techniques/information that people would like covered. Please comment or email me if you might like to participate and/or have suggestions for specific content. Happy Tuesday!

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Bill said...

At about that time, we're going to be in Phoenix, going to the first US Discworld convention...