Tuesday, April 21, 2009

And the Glass Goes On

Coffee was long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away. Music is movie soundtracks--Mission Impossible, Mask of Zorro, Jaws... It's movie day! But don't be fooled, I have all four kilns loaded and firing, and as soon as I find my Bullseye invoice, I'll pay it and a couple of other bills--and make a deposit to cover them all--all before the end of the business day. I spent two and a half hours this morning editing the first of the my videos from the roll-up class, got to the end, and the application crashed. Guess who hadn't saved and had to start all over again...

But it's done, and I share the first half of the first piece edited down to seven minutes. Each piece took 30-45 minutes to do so I cut about 2/3. In the video it looks like the glass goes in the glory hole and then comes right out. It wasn't that fast. There were also additional repetitions for some of the steps that were cut for the sake of brevity, and any time the screen was taken up by my posterior, well, that part was cut too. Thanks to Johnathon, Tadashi, and the other participants in the class for graciously allowing me to film them. The real soundtrack was hilariously risque (who knew glass blowing had so many... 'creative' terms) and has been replaced by music to preserve everyone's modesty (you're welcome, Licha and Simone ;-). More tomorrow (good thing it's a slow week!).

*****VIDEO REMOVED: Putting it up again with better quality on 4/29***************


Anonymous said...

Very Nice!! Ready to do it again?


Looks fun

Bill said...

And this was filmed where?

Dee said...

oh i wanna hear the ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK! hehehehehehehe
working hot is FUN!

Brenda Griffith said...

This was filed at Duckbill Studios, Tadashi's shop, in Decatur about five minutes from my studio. I am so ready to do it again that I have three more partial days scheduled!