Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Back Where I Belong

Coffee will be in the Austin skyline mug whenever it's finished perking (or whatever it does to turn from water and grounds into the nectar of the gods), "The Power of Two" by the Indigo Girls on the Apple TV. Okay, that's just spooky. Out of my entire library iTunes picked That song. The song our friend Andrea sang at Dave's and my wedding. Yep, the spouse is back in Austin. We miss him.

It was a *wonderful* spring break. For the first vacation in memory I did almost no planning--even when I was trying to plan. I lived in the "now" and basked. Basked and played Diablo, and flew kites, and built sandcastles, and drowsed in the sun. A really wonderful vacation. I did ponder some techniques for experimentation (and possible book 2 inclusion--yep, haven't given up that idea yet), but I didn't do much more than that.

Now back into the studio refreshed, rejuvenated and re-energized. Sorry for the lack of post yesterday--it was a transition day. A damp, chilly, grey transition day. I still have no gas (and so no heat or hot water) at the studio as the crawl space where the hot water heater and the furnace are located keeps filling with water so I'm not able to get a new sump pump in. Hope it gets sunny and hot this afternoon (and stops raining!) so I can take a look at it again.

Today is for communing with art partners, organizing the firing schedule and starting on upcoming orders--of which there is a new series of big wall panels for a corporate space and another store (I think I might have already mentioned this one...) order from the department store to fold in (they are adding the collection to one more store).

ACRE is coming up--time to get travel reservations and exposition services booked, and it's time for a big summer camp promotion push. In other words, back to life! See you again, Hilton Head...

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Bill said...

Good for you guys!

How'd Dave look?