Monday, June 25, 2007

The Skin of the Master... Another Time

Coffee is a large Red-Eye (extra shot of espresso) from Joe's, music is satellite radio jazz. It's Live from Joe's! What, you might ask, am I doing spending a day at Joe's coffee shop on my laptop now that the book is all done? Time to work on the website! The firings are chugging right along--a slump in Big Bertha and a fuse in the middle kiln scheduled for today, J is off at zoo camp, Sophie is home tying up the loose ends of her internship and doing a penultimate day of work for me in the studio. Me, as soon as I post, I'm popping open Dreamweaver and going to town. The big changes I want to make to the site are adding a section for the book and moving my blog to my website (my own domain). The book section will include a link to buy a signed copy, a forum/bulletin board for questions and comments, and an expanded technical tips section.

JYK, JK, and anyone else with input, I could use your Mac expertise for pointers to good forum and blogging software for use on one's own site--or just a note to say I'm high and I really don't want to manage either the blog or the forum. I could jsut continue to use blogger and to link to it from my site, and I could set-up a free forum on google groups or something and link to it, but it would be nice to have the same look and feel to (and menus for) all the pages and not have to pop back and forth to different sites.

I was going to write today about an incredible revelation I had as I was making a custom piece last night and my feeling of finally being a master of my craft... but I just can't get the words arranged right so it's going to have to wait. The website calls.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I would just keep all that forum/blog stuff based on the server end.


Bill Paley said...

Good luck with the programming.