Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Really Big Day

Coffee in the Atlanta skyline mug. The first cup was in the Los Angeles mug, but that was lost along the way somewhere and I was too impatient for cup two to hunt it down. "Hazy Shade of Winter" covered by the Bangles on iTunes. So far this morning I got the Sprout up dressed, fed and off to Zoo Camp, grocery shopped, packed and shipped an order, reconciled my outstanding invoices, charged a merchant's card, and started a fuse load in the littlest kiln. It's 9:50.

It sounds like I have accomplished a lot so far--and after another night with lousy to no sleep even though exhausted--but the big tasks still lie ahead. I have a full load of dinnerware for the big kiln, and all the photography and writing for my article for Glass Patterns to do, burn to a cd and overnight to the publisher. Yep, it's due tomorrow. Yep, I haven't started it yet. By the end of the day yesterday I had settled on which project I would write up and I made sure I have a finished version of it. Now I just need to review the magazine's format one more time, take all the pics and start writing! Just getting through the day is my #1 priority.

About yesterday's software question: My wonderful spouse suggested a free plug-in for Firefox (which is my browser of choice) called Scrapbook. It dumps everything into one directory, but all the links work, minimal filtering for content is available and you can set the levels of links you want to follow. (Take that EZNetTools!) Now said spouse is using IDEA, his Java IDE (Integrated Development Environment) of choice and dragging and dropping everything into the appropriate directories and using inspections to refactor (fix) everything that breaks/is already broken. He's such a cuddly little geek!! While I was at it, I also backed up all of Glass Incarnate and Stranded in the South. Thanks to JY and JYK for their suggestions too. I have filed them in case I need something similar again.

Now off to fuse!

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Bill Paley said...

If you were doing this in wintertime, would it be cold fusion?