Thursday, June 28, 2007

One more Work Day Till Oconee!

Coffee in the Alaska mug, no music yet--iTunes is being slow. Everything is slow this morning but me. Alright--music! "Already Gone" by the Eagles on iTunes. Sophie has returned home to France, the Art Institute order is half slumped--three more days of full slump loads to go, and the website dilemma is solved: Siyeh Studio with its current layout remains for a professional gallery presence. becomes the online home of glass artist Brenda Griffith with news of the book, the blog, teaching schedule, etc. It gets its own layout. Thanks to all who sent email or weighed in by commenting.

Yesterday was also a bookkeeping catch-up day and I paid my deposit for the One of a Kind Show in Chicago in December, reserved my hotel for the summer BMAC in Philadelphia in August, and paid my deposit for ACRE in Vegas next May. Today I deposit checks which will cover, oh, about 1/8 of what I spent. Lots of just due and past due invoices outstanding right now. Would be nice if everyone paid before I go on vacation next week. I can understand why people are slow mailing. I have four rolls of 39 cent stamps and no 2 centers. Damn post office for raising their rates again! If they improved their service I might see the validity, but service just keeps getting cut back and prices just keep rising. Guess I'll be squeezing in a run to the post office today to pick up *400* 2 cent stamps!

Now off to Dreamweave. One more day before vacation--no glassincarnate next week as I will be in the mountains with no internet, no tv and no phone! The cell phone *might* work. Let's hope the world doesn't end, I might not find out about it.

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Bill Paley said...

So? You'll be the last to know if the zombies have attacked...

Of course, David will be able to control zombies by his mere presence, so you'll all be safe. If you don't upset him.