Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A Plea for Software Help!

Coffee in the Washington D.C. skyline mug, "Summertime" covered by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes on iTunes. That song covered by that band is the perfect juxtaposition of styles and there could not be a better expression of the structure of my life. Yesterday was the last of the field trips/driving for me for awhile. Maybe it would have been better if I'd taken my laptop, but I doubt it. Last Friday I managed to relax into the experience and enjoy it for the slice out of time that it was. Yesterday I just chomped at the bit to be back at work the whole time.

And it's not like I got anything done when I did get back to work. I spent the entire day futzing with software... Again! I waited too long and can't download the version of Dreamweaver for which I have a license anymore. The new version (not a new release--it's still Dreamweaver 8, just with a new name since Adobe acquired Macromedia: CS3) doesn't work with my license key, It took almost an hour to figure this out because the program is so huge and the download took so long. Now I have to dig around for the installer and license key for the windows version. Blech.

I went back to the catalog software I installed a little over a month ago and my trial version had expired. I wasn't ready to buy without more of a trial than five minutes so I tried to download the freeware version, but the download was broken and customer service never did answer my email. A bit more searching around the web found basically the same site by the same company under three different product names--all for $29.95--so I begin to think they're a fly-by-night company and it's all a scam anyway so I have to start all over again in my search for software to create an electronic catalog! Any suggestions on what others out there use would be GREATLY appreciated. I prefer something for the Mac, but I run Parallels desktop so I can use windows software too.

I have made no further progress on my Filemaker Pro database, and Sophie has already entered all the contacts so she languishes with nothing to do. Enough time in front of the computer screen. Time to go take pictures of all my work and then put Sophie to work organizing all of it on shelves and cleaning and straightening the rest of the studio!

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Bill Paley said...

Break out that camera! Tote that barge, lift those bales!