Thursday, May 17, 2007

Technology and Glass (again)

Coffee in the Atlanta skyline mug, "Home" by the Barenaked Ladies on iTunes. Looking for grounding this morning--though the BNL song might not have been the best choice. Moved on to a "home" theme set on iTunes (anything with home in the title or artist name) and the current song is "My Hometown" by Bruce Springsteen. For heaven's sake, aren't there any cheerful songs about home?!? As I look over the rest of the titles "I'll Be Home for Christmas" jumps out at me. Maybe I should just go slit my wrists right now. Getting out of THAT set and heading for the Drive By Truckers "Shut Up and Get On the Plane". That's better. Some days you just have to suck in and buck up.

The network problems continue today like the plague of locusts they are. Finally narrowed it down to the router has gone bad. (Or the DSL modem doesn't like it anymore and is sabotaging the signal. Whatever.) Why do they do that? You go to all the trouble of reading the reviews, asking friends, etc., so you will get something that is reliable, has good coverage and doesn't cost an arm and a leg and then it DIES for no reason out of the blue after only a year of use. Heck, I keep FISH longer than I can keep a wireless router! And forget warranties. Like I would want another one like this if it goes bad. The frustration of the downtime is worse than the cost of the new router. Right now I am hardwired directly to the DSL modem so I can post.

But it's not like I have a lot of computer time today. Parent-teacher conference at 10:20 and then GLASS to make.

Yesterday I took my intern out for a spin, and wow do I like the mileage! I could get used to having an assistant/employee/whatever. I cut half of the pieces I need to ship in the next 30 days and Sophie made all the morceaux for them. She also refilled my frit jars (I work from 1 lb jars and store the bulk in 5 lb ones) and brought me sheets of glass to cut as I needed them. I was so ahead of my game that I even fired six dragonfly tiles I have had languishing dusty for over a year. If I had someone half-time I could actually see getting Siyeh Home off the ground and retailing kitchen and bath tiles and the Architectural Clear series from my website. If I had someone full-time I could even retail glass and frit in small quantities and specialty supplies (like my ring molds) though my website. I could really get used to this!

Back to earth. I have an intern for another month and a half. I will get done what I can get done in that time. Today I will start her entering business cards into the contacts table of the Filemaker Pro database I am creating. We will finish cutting and making morceaux this afternoon, and I will make my artist cards to have them printed up. Next, we'll photograph all of my current work now that I have a permanent photography area set-up. (Oh technological joy: Now I have no internet connection at all, and no phone either. I might as well live in Paso Robles.)

The net is back going to post before it goes away again!


Anonymous said...

I imput my business cards with a program called neatreceipts. It is a scanner that scans receipts and puts them in a data base and scans business cards and puts them in a data base. Saves a lot of time. Well worth the money. We keep our trip receipts and business receipts on it and then export to quickbooks at the end of the year. Time is money. MONYMAN

Bill Paley said...

It wasn't Paso Robles that irritated you, it was that coastal community, Cambria, with their odd attitude towards technology...