Friday, May 04, 2007


No coffee yet, the distant hum of traffic and the cheep of birds for music. Everything is over today. Last night at 7:09 I finished going over all the corrections to the lasers for the book with my editor. Thank heaven I have her, because I would never in a million years have caught all the layout, alignment, font size, etc. issues there were on every page. They have a lot to correct in a very short time. And I had my own textual errors that I corrected--even though this was not a time for editorial editing. Given that we are 16 pages short (that's over 10% of the projected length and content...) I wanted to make sure that what remained was as tight, accurate, and readable as possible. And a the end of the day, it's got potential to be a great book.

Today is also the end of the ACRE show. We go through 2:30 and then begin breaking down and packing up--my least favorite activity for a show. Well, maybe I like set-up less, but during set-up the potential of the show still exists whereas at breakdown, it's all over but the mess.

It has not been a great show, but it is the first year. Unless something goes drastically wrong, I will do it again next year. (But next year I think I will figure out how to ship--or plan to extend the trip and go on to California or down to Arizona.) So far I have picked up three new accounts in three new states and had one small re-order from an existing client. I am also doing a TON of trades with other artists--I have three going right now and am probably going to add to that number today.

Right now I am sitting on the balcony of my room a the Courtyard hotel overlooking the pool. I don't know how it happened, but at this moment I am so relaxed, peaceful and happy. I could sit all morning listening to the grackles and watching the ripples in the water against the blue pool. Of course there would have to be coffee. Maybe it's being in the west again. I love it here.

However, instead of sitting and dreaming the rest of the day, I am going to pack up and head over to the convention center to hang out with friends. Tonight we move to the Monte Carlo for the bachelorette extravaganza (tomorrow--whoo hoo!). I hope the day will bring more orders, but if it doesn't, I will still count the show a success.


Bill Paley said...

You're not going to the Olympic Gardens, are you?

Oh, dear.

Jodi said...

Actually you were planning to see those half-naked Aussie guys, right? I can't wait to hear all about it!