Thursday, May 24, 2007

Aren't We In the Studio Yet?

Coffee in the New Orleans skyline mug, "Home" by Marc Broussard on iTunes. It's a theme. And it's a morning. Today is Jessie's "graduation" ceremony and lunch. Graduation from Pre-K. Oh boy. And I have YEARS of this stuff to look forward to. I also have ikebana this morning and a drive-by delivery/ship this afternoon. Junior, the delivery driver for Elliott Metalworks is meeting me in the Sam's Club parking lot off I-85 to give me a load of stands and to pick up the table I have for EMW. Hey, beats paying for shipping!

As soon as it is cool enough, I need to check the kiln to see how the new shelves fired. I did a full load on them... bare. They're the same kind I had before, the distributor claims glass doesn't stick to them, glass never stuck to the old ones--but I used thinfire for the first couple of months of firings on them. Well, the worst that can happen is all the work and one side of the shelves are ruined.

Finished the organization of my product catalog last night (Yea!) and now I just need to figure out how to translate it to I diddled with it for about a half hour and decided to call Amory today to see if she can help me. I was surprised not to find and help on the site for it.

The Buyer's Market is looking for "stories" to put in their marketing materials and I want to write something for that. The publisher of Profitable Glass and Glass Patterns contacted me while I was in Vegas and asked me if I would write a column for them so I need to follow up on that, and, oh yes! Over 10,000 people (not different people) have visited (I won't say "read") Glass Incarnate. I mentioned this fact to Dave and followed up with a modest, "Of course I'm not Scalzi.", to which he replied, "He gets that many hits in 12 hours." Whatever.

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Bill Paley said...

Maybe I should hit your site five or six times a day? That ought to make your numbers jump a bit...