Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hump Day... Again, Again!

Coffee in the Denver skyline mug, "Venus" by Bananarama on iTunes. Glass all day. Longing to be in Montana/live in Missoula is fruitless. When I get the University of Montana Alumni magazine I should just throw it unopened. It's like crack (I imagine), one little taste and I crave more to the point of madness. But glass, you say...

An intern is a wonderful thing. I am doing less and getting more done. The new shelves are cut and in the kiln. Oooooh, flatness... Sophie is putting away all the new glass and frit and I am going to quick get a load in before beginning the great photographic essay that will be my catalog. I still have to tackle my site and figure out how to put everything up there as tightly organized as possible--I need drop-down menus for series, style and stand type, and I need the picture of the work to change appropriately... and I haven't figured out to do this yet. Either that or I don't have drop-down menus, I have a separate product listing for every piece in every style, for every series and every stand type... The mind boggles.


Anonymous said...

Remember KISS!!



Jodi said...

Yay for interns! I have one at work right now and initially it slowed me down a lot, but now it is wonderful!!!

Bill Paley said...

Where your work is concerned, my mind often boggles.