Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Coffee in the New York skyline mug (in honor of the New York Minute--the pace of the day), "Her Strut" by Bob Seger on iTunes. Yeah, I'm struttin' today. I just finished wrestling 189 lbs of glass packed for shipping out the door and onto the front porch (aka "Siyeh Studio Shipping and Receiving" or "the loading dock"). When I finish posting--but before I finish my catalog pages--I am going to update my invoicing spreadsheet to see how much I have sent out this month. It'll be cool to be able to do this with a report against a database, but I'm not there yet.

All day yesterday was dedicated to, and boy was it a slog! I ended up by accidentally removing my page and catalog items completely so now I'm not even listed there. *Sigh* first thing I have to do this morning is get some photos up. Apparently you can't have a catalog without any photos. The printed word just isn't enough for some people, got to have pretty pictures. Note: all software sucks to some extent, all web interface software sucks stoats.

Amidst the computer madness must come a full kiln load and those pesky bills which are still languishing in the embarrassingly large piles of paper on the kitchen table (unofficial desk) and on my desk in the office (which is too covered with said paper to actually use). I keep sorting everything into tidy piles which then get all smooshed together before I can do anything with them and need to be resorted. I need a personal secretary. I'm beginning to wonder if I need a nanny--not for Jessie, but for me! Now, off to compute elsewhere...

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Bill Paley said...

Imagine if you hired a nanny to help you deal with your bills. I have a specific type of nanny in mind...a nanny...goat. The bills go away, to be recycled in little goaty pellets, never to bother you with their piles again. Yes, a goat: why even the gardening problems ease!

Isn't that grand?