Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Computers and Glass... Welcome to My World

Coffee in the Los Angeles skyline mug, "Ventura Highway" by America on iTunes. Another sick day for Jessie, another juggling day for me--though I won't be obsessing over weekends away today. Yesterday, in the midst of everything, I managed to ship the wrong piece to a new gallery. I wasn't too far off--they ordered an Ocean round in a Nouveau stand and I sent them an Ocean rectangle in a Nouveau stand, but it highlights my continued state of mental disarray. Yesterday--after a really wonderful weekend away--I added emotional disarray to the mix. But that is yet another topic for time and Stranded in the South.

Today, today. I have to futz with my network. I began losing wireless and wired connections yesterday, and I am wondering if it was either some weird glitch running Windows inside Mac (with network access) for several days, or a hacker attack--also against the Windows. For the time being I have disabled the desktop machine but Sophie (my live-in intern and goddaughter) will revolt if I remove her internet access permanently. Unfortunately she uses Windows Messenger (installed on the Win 2K parallels desktop on my iMac... that's just sick) and my outages coincided with her furious messenging. I blame Bill Gates.

Then there is the glass portion of the day. I have eleven orders to go out in the next 30 days then... nothing. I don't have another show till the Buyer's Market Summer Show the beginning of August. Normally I would be heading to Chicago and would need to get a bunch of work done for it, and then I would have a few commissions to do after the show. But now I have nothing between June 15 and August 4. It's a bit scary. Maybe I'll use the time to put in a pond... or put up the cruise pics!


Anonymous said...

OR you could be creative during that time and try new ideas! Just a thought.

Bill Paley said...

Cruise pictures? It is to laugh...