Friday, September 29, 2006

Watermelon Delight

Coffee in the Atlanta skyline mug, "For You" by the Barenaked Ladies on iTunes, 500 unscheduled just-for-the-hell-of-it words written yesterday in addition to an almost complete detailed shot list.

Today is a firing day, I also need to ship work to two galleries, 30 pieces to the Art Institute catalog center, and samples to the Art Institute buyer. Then there is the shot list to finish and send. Maybe by tomorrow I will get to write my projects which are due this week (were due yesterday actually). Ended up firing four full loads yesterday, aiming for the same today. But where yesterday's were slump loads (fast prep), today's big one is a fuse. The medium one and the first little one are both slumps and they are already in.

This weekend is a big weekend. Tomorrow is Dave's birthday! Our family tradition is that the birthday person gets to pick their birthday dinner. If it is at home (also a choice) each menu item is chosen. Otherwise it is the restaurant that gets picked. Dave picked at home and he wants rib-eye steaks and twice-baked potatoes from the Cook's Illustrated cookbook. I am going one step further and getting buffalo rib-eyes from Whole Foods. I might even post on my adventures in cooking tomorrow on Stranded in the South.

I am pretty sure Dave won't be reading this post today, but I am going to be safe and not put up the picture of his birthday present until tomorrow or Monday. Instead here is "Watermelon Delight". It's one of the five new pieces I am sending off to the Art Institute today for their consideration for inclusion in their spring catalog.

I am off my game. I was out of sync all last night with my family and this morning I am out of sync with my body: I made the mistake of using reading glasses to finish an online order I started last night, and now I can't focus on the laptop screen without them. I tried bumping down the resolution (I have it set to 1400 X 900) but it still looks out of focus. The letters are bigger and readable, but it is still annoying. Old and Falling Apart! (See what you have to look forward to after Sunday, Jodi?)

And my allergy meds are not working. I am on 24-hour Allegra for the first time (last year it was the 12-hour version) and I am just miserable (whine, whine, whine). Yeah, like I have time to go to the doctor right now. I still haven't had the mammogram she wrote the referral for last year. I keep thinking maybe... December. After I take the dogs in for their yearly exams and vaccinations.


Bill Paley said...

The referral is no longer good. You'll have to go back and get another one anyway.

Barbara Muth said...

Happy Birthday Dave!

Sandy Mannix said...

Make your appointment and the dogs' on the same day ... you first. Just do it!

Jodi said...

I hope Dave's birthday is fun! I thought I had four more years until my vision started going! I've no problems up until now. LOL!

ren said...

ah, jodi is already old and falling apart. heh. (i have to say that because i am older and more falling apart than she...sigh)

Anonymous said...

This is from your mother: