Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Just When You Think You are Ahead...

No coffee, no music, no writing yesterday. Yesterday was a studio day. I was feeling pretty damn happy about how much I got written on Sunday and looking forward a solid day in the studio getting everything cut and prepped. While the day didn't go entirely to hell in a handbasket, it was close.

I got the order I was waiting on from the gallery in Chicago. It was a pretty good-sized one and folding it into my current firing schedule has me firing packed loads every day through October 23. I am a bit nervous about that schedule as I have never had so little slack for such a long time. If something should go wrong with the kiln... (it has been known to happen--until I replaced the lid earlier this year the element wires would burn through about once a month and ruin a firing). While not quite at the "borrowing trouble" stage, I am still concerned.

I also did not get nearly as far on the prep work as I wanted yesterday. It took until 6:30 just to get my fuse load for the day in. No writing at all, not much prep cutting done either. I think I am going to go down after I finish posting and get some work in before everyone else gets up. J had a nightmare and came in to sleep with us at 4:00 am. I finally gave up on trying to get back to sleep about 4:45.

Finally, to completely burst my in-control-of-life bubble, the editor called me yesterday to say they really need a detailed photography shot list for the book *now*. Thinking back on the conversation, she really knew how to do it. Instead of starting with the request for the shot list immediately, she said instead that they are deciding whether to do the photo shoot up by them (they are not in Atlanta). I, of course, immediately freaked out and said there is no way I can travel right now (the photo shoot will take about a week). Just schlepping all the projects up there for one day on (Friday) October 13 for the project review meeting is going to take energy and time I can't spare. I cannot even imagine how I would do projects in various states of completion, tools... Gaaaa! I am breaking out in a rash just thinking about it.

As they do not have in-house photographers, they are going to have to shop the job out and take bids so they need a detailed description for the photographer to spec out for time and cost. While this is reasonable for them, it isn't something I can really squeeze into the schedule for this week as I am already behind by five projects. But I was so rattled by the time I had unequivocally asserted that I CANNOT do the photo shoot anywhere but at my studio, that I let myself be nudged into agreeing to get out the shot list. I couldn't be nudged to be more than vague about when, but I was able to be nudged into agreement.

OK, it's 5:30 am and I'm getting anxious again. Time to pay some bills and go grind circles...

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