Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Okay, So Maybe I Over-Reacted...

Second post of the day. After getting three kiln loads in (time, tide and gallery orders wait for no man). I looked at a couple of the best-known, most respected books on kilnforming that I would actually consider primers, and I have waaaaaaayyyyy more info on the topics I have written so far than they do. So maybe, just maybe, my editor is being reasonable. One of the books I looked at had two short paragraphs on glass cutters and pliers. I have a page and a half listing every type made, their advantages and disadvantages and how to choose and use them. That's the only section I looked at as I am reluctant to be influenced on topics I haven't written yet. I would not consider either of these books fluff at all, so maybe I really am writing too much and if I continued on, by the time I finished I would have 650 pages instead of the 144 for which I have been contracted.

It's odd to think I may have a 650 page non-fiction book in me. Writing my master's thesis was an excruciatingly painful process and I thought I would never write non-fiction again. But whether or not I have it in me, there is a definite question as to whether there would be a demand for it, and no question at all that my current publisher would not be interested in it for this book.

So now that I have settled down a bit and ditched the paranoia, I can get on with the writing I have for the day. If only my husband had wanted to listen to me rant about this last night I might have thought of looking in other books then and saved myself the public exposure from posting this morning. But live and learn. At least I was able to work through it fairly quickly and am MUCH less worried that just because the publisher doesn't want 650 pages does not mean they want fluff. . Thank you Bill, Barbara and Jodi for commenting.

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