Friday, September 08, 2006

Fun Friday

Coffee is burbling, iTunes is silent, words are flowing though there is still no official count. Much of yesterday was taken up hammering out the details of the sushi set order and I missed my first writing deadline--it was the first deadline I missed, not he first writing deadline. Writing instructions has me in a precise mood.

Several hours have now passed since I started writing this post. In the interim I got my daughter off to school, my husband off to work, wrote a half a project, and went into the studio and checked he status of the box that came out yesterday. IT DIDN'T CRACK! I am the Master of the Box! I spent an hour and a half I do not have to spare grinding and polishing the sides. I have never been one for coldworking--too impatient--but today I could have just stayed on the wheel the rest of the morning or however long it took. The box is uber-beautiful and I am submitting it as one of my Niche pieces once I get it all ground and polished and a lid made. It will not be a project for the book as it is a difficult process and requires good coldworking equipment (and I don't want to share the technique yet--nyah).

Now I need to finish writing up the project I have been working on since last night, whip out another one, proof read all five and send them in. In a perfect world I would have all that done in an hour. Now that we have all finished rolling on the floor laughing, picked ourselves up and dried our eyes (the occasional chuckle still leaking through), I will continue. It is sadly not a perfect world and I have no idea how long all that will take. I MUST ship two pieces to the Art Institute in Chicago and a donation piece to the Zephyr Dance Company in Chicago today. I also MUST fuse a commission for Taylor Kinzel gallery that Dave will deliver tomorrow and a couple of 12" square pieces which must be delivered tomorrow for a show I am in at Creative Spirit Gallery (titled 12" squares--how appropriate!--and opening next weekend). Dare I say it? Yeee, yeee, yeee.

Finally there are all those little circles (5544 of them) to be ground for the sushi set order, and (plaintive whine) I want to fire something FUN today! Oh well, there's always tomorrow. (Or I could be like Jody and stay up all night watching Firefly and go to bed in the wee small hours of the morning... Maybe after November.

PS--This is just too hilarious not to share: The spellchecker for Blogger thinks "coldworking" should be "clitoris". What does it know that I don't?


Jodi said...

Yeah, yeah, it's just I'm a slacker. And now I'm up as I actually have some appointments scheduled for my day off. Oops...I should've thought of that before getting sucked in to so many episodes last night!

Brenda Griffith said...

Does that mean you're a slacker dork instead of a snarky dork? Or are you now a snarky slacker dork? The mind boggles.

Bill Paley said...

Dear, you don't have time for spell checking...let alone boggling your mind.

Get back to work!