Thursday, September 07, 2006

It's Not Raining, But It's Pouring

Coffee in the Chicago skyline mug, "Walking in the Air" by George Winston on iTunes, lots of words written yesterday but they were mostly organizational and there is no count yet. Today will tell. So much new since yesterday, I reel.

The Creative U series of six seminars on starting or promoting your own arts-based business--for which I am slated to do 1-1/2 of the seminars--has been rescheduled to run from 1/29/07 - 3/5/07 instead of starting 10/9/06 Hoo-ray. We had our meeting last night and I still have work to do on it now, but it is eased way back.

This morning I got an email from one of my accounts in New York and they want 18 paisley sushi sets by 9/18 with an option on another 42 for 11/6. They have pretty serious default terms (5% deducted from invoice total for each day late shipping, nothing for me if they are late paying...) and 9/18 is a ludicrously short amount of time to give me to produce 18 sushi sets in any style. Got to crunch some more numbers this morning. On the one hand, this is the largest order I have ever had if it all goes through and after the financial loss of Marietta this past weekend I would like the boost. On the other hand, I don't want to be left holding 42 sushi sets if they decide not to confirm the order. And there is the timing issue: I have a manuscript due 11/1 and three other gallery orders to ship 11/1. Maybe if I start doing those gallery orders (which are a sure thing) now and leave the kilns open for the 42 sushi sets towards November... and then there is the photo shoot for the book.... Yeee, yeee, yeee!

I also heard from my photographer this morning and he can shoot my Niche entries early next week in time to send the slides in by next Friday. Yep, I got two, maybe three pieces done. I am pretty confident I will have three by Monday in time to shoot.

And then there is the book... Three projects to write-up and five to send in today, and a full fuse load scheduled in the big kiln and a small jewelry (for the book) load scheduled in the small kiln. I can't even remember what was supposed to go into the medium kiln, but I'm sure there was something. This is what I get for sleeping in till 7:00. I should have gotten up at 4:00 when I had the anxiety attack and was wide awake. I would have saved myself from the post anxiety attack nightmare and gotten more work done. Yeee, yeee, yeee!

PS--And to add insult to the injury of the morning, Tivo and the satellite receiver had a tiff last night and as a result, Tivo did not record "Bones". Fortunately for me it will be up on iTunes very soon.


Bill Paley said...

Poor dear.

ren said...

don't forget to breathe somewhere in between all that.

Jodi said...

I'm starting to feel like such a slacker when I read your blog! Good luck!