Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I'm Baaaaack!

Coffee in the Starbucks Skyline Alaska mug, Galileo by the Indigo Girls on the iPod. Yep, I'm home and all is right with my world. The schedule today is jam-packed full, but tomorrow Dave and I leave for a six-day weekend in California with friends and Gramma stays here to take care of Jessie and the pets. With that to look forward to, I can get through anything.

Yesterday, as expected, was the absolute day from hell. Due to mixing up the end date for the BMAC and double-booking my time, I drove eight hours and then worked in the studio for eight hours fusing dinnerware which must ship tomorrow (I will slump it today). My spouse was incredibly supportive throughout (as was my mother who drove 2-3 of the eight hours so I could rest a bit).

That kind of a day is already tough, but the day before had already exhausted the reserves: We did the show all day, then broke everything down and carted it a block and a half in multiple dolly-loads and loaded up the car and then drove to Richmond arriving at 11:30 pm. Waiting to bring the car into the dock for load-out would have added at least an hour so we put in the physical effort instead.

So, drum roll please, how did I do? I had my first five-figure show! I added 13 new galleries--including the shop of the Jewish Museum in New York--from coast to coast. I can't wait to get a gallery map up on my website. I am designing seder sets for the Jewish Museum shop and have to get them done and shipped asap.

I also met a metal artist from LA who might be teaching me to weld while we are out there this weekend (if I can squeeze it in with all the drinking). He is already planning collaborative work for next year's NICHE awards. Psyche. Now I better get going. Miles to go before I sleep I(including getting a hotel room for LA--nothing like leaving things till the last minute.)

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Bill Paley said...

You think you're going to have some spare time for educational purposes? It is to laugh...