Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The First Thing To Go

I should be on my way to drawing class right now, but instead I am beginning my post as Dave heads to Melton's for chicken tenders and fries for dinner (he got home early last night so it was burgers from the Kirkwood Aces Bar & Grill--is it any wonder we can't lose weight?).

The drawing class is the first casualty in my schedule. And if I am honest, it is not entirely or even primarily due to time constraints. Nor is it all about the fact that last week the instructor never once stopped to peer over my shoulder and evaluate my work as he did for every one else in the class--multiple times for the females 16-24. When I arrived late last week (late but not last so that wasn't it) he asked my name and what I do for a living. When I said glass artist he asked me if I show anywhere. I said yes I will be in Philadelphia in a couple of weeks and I do several other shows a year, and he didn't say anything to me for the rest of the class. Really. I am not making this up.

So tonight it came time to get ready to go and I just said no. I am going to watch Tomb Raider, drink cheap red and eat buffalo tenders and fries. Then I am going to work on my website. I have a feeling it will go better after a bit of cheap red.

The postcards did not come back from the printer today: The press broke down so the earliest I can get them is tomorrow. So that is one more thing off the list (there won't be time to mail them out to galleries before the show). I will just have them to hand out. That is the postcard at the top of the page. The back is to the left.

Finally today, thank you to everyone who posted a "what would you do" about the contract from the Publisher. I ended up writing them a short note expressing my confusion and asking for clarification on some points before sending it back. They are "reviewing them" and will be back in touch. So we'll see what they say. (Do you have baited breath? Are you waiting with it?)


Barbara Muth said...

Baited breath is right. The first chance I had today, I came here to see if there was any news on the contract. Anyway, my thoughts are with you.

Bill Paley said...

Breath is baited, as with a tequila bottle worm...

Brenda Griffith said...

Oh you are good! You can have the worm, just save me the tequila... see you in 2 weeks!