Friday, February 10, 2006

Another Day No Response

Well this blog is purportedly about the trials and tribulations of writing a book. It is another day of trials. Nothing in the email box from the Publisher. However through another artist friend I found another artist who wrote a book for them. Hers came out last year and she is still waiting to see if she gets a royalty check. They sold out of the first printing and she was told the royalties for the first printing just cover the advance... Maybe she will see royalties in April. I hope so.

The postcards are still not back from the printer. I stopped by this morning to see if they were ready and saw one from the run: it was on the wrong cardstock (too light weight and matte) and had the wrong version of the back text on it. *sigh* If they do not go out today there is not much point in them going out at all. I ordered 300 printed both sides for the BMAC--200 to mail and 100 for in the booth, and another 200 with blank backs--just the studio name, my name, return address and the website and email addresses--to have to hand out in case I run out of the printed ones (not too likely). I ordered 2000 in all: the last 1500 initially have blank backs and I will have the backs printed on an as needed basis to use for my summer shows. All 2000 have already been run on the wrong cardstock. They are going to redo the 500 I need for the BMAC on the higher quality paper and they will have them for me tomorrow morning. I went ahead and bought stamps and ran off the labels. Either the ones I mail out will get there just before or just after the show and either way the gallery owner will have two views of my work--one in print, one at the show.

I put a load in the kiln last night by 11:00 pm and I am wiped today. Part of that is because I *finally* unloaded the two cases of glass late yesterday afternoon. 1000 lbs of glass all unloaded and moved by hand by me. I am getting too old for this. I was so sore this morning I could barely walk. But before you feel too sorry for me I had an incredible full-body massage from Tim at 11:00 this morning. Talk about a sensual splurge! Dave got me the massage for Valentine's Day last year and I just got around to having it. Now I may make it a regular thing. And Tim really liked my tattoo...


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Oh yeah. Dragon's wings across my lower back in black, red and purple. No, it doesn't look even slightly like a bruise. Last year I just had to let my inner dragon manifest.