Friday, February 03, 2006

TGIF (not)

Coffee in the Alaska Skyline "Last Frontier" mug is cold, fitting. Music is "Bat out of Hell" by Meatloaf. What are the odds? Friday, it's Friday again. I feel like it was just last Friday. Most people look forward to Friday. For me it marks another week of too little done and too much to do...

OK, stop right there. It was only too little if I think it was too little. I am doing great. I am one of those people who will die with things in her Inbox and I just need to GET OVER IT.


I left the post above on the screen and went off to meet another glass artist who is also relatively new to the area and Have Lunch. Oh what a creative inspiration it was! Talking about art and quest and motivation and technique and NEVER ONCE about BUSINESS. It almost motivated me to finish cleaning the studio when I got home. Instead I answer email (galleries interested in my work, caloo calay!) finish this post and add one of the pics I got back from the photographer yesterday...

I keep saying "the photographer" as if i need to protect his identity. Yes, he is a superhero to me, but I can share him with the world: Thank you Bart Kasten of Bart's Art Photography in East Atlanta. Go Bart!


Bill Paley said...

How many of these Skyline mugs do you own?

How many were produced?

Have you checked Ebay to see if you could find some more, for a bit more variety?

Brenda Griffith said...

I own 2 Chicago--1 to trade or gift, 2 Alaska--accidentally got two from eBay, planning to gift one to my father for father's day (heh), one New York, and I got Barcelona (this is NOT skyline, but the same size) for Dave. There are many other cities--I desperately want Austin and Atlanta and somewhat want Las Vegas and Denver and plan to look for the CA ones while we are visiting you. :-)