Saturday, April 03, 2010

Okay Already, I'll Post!

Sitting on the little balcony off the bedroom of our cabin at Cumberland Falls State Resort Park in Kentucky. Everyone else has gone for a walk, but I couldn't resist the lure of the Internet so here I post. I'll continue the story of the vacation on Stranded in the South (now more true than ever!), but it's more than time to post on studio happenings over the past couple of weeks.

On Thursday 3/24 I took delivery of my biggest glass order ever--4500 lbs of very sharp stuff. And it wasn't enough that it had to be the biggest order, it was also the most fraught, the most damaged, and containing the most rare of fusible glass.

When the driver first lifted the roll-up door on the truck and I saw the cases, I thought my heart would stop. The biggest one, the one with boards hanging off on the right contained the only full case of White Tekta on the planet and if anything had happened to it, it would have been irreplaceable.

I'm not sure who was thinking what, but the two cases-one of 4' X 2' sheets and the other of 6' X 2' sheets--were banded together vertically with no attached pallet or other support. After they were banded they were used as ballast in a forklift race. Then they were slapped from truck to truck and showed up at my door drunkenly sagging and ripped completely apart. They were so badly damaged that they were tied to the wall of the truck to keep them from falling over.

Someone was looking out for me though, because I only had about seven damaged sheets in the smaller case of clear Tekta and one in the larger case of white Tekta. Of the seven damaged, I was able to salvage most of the sheets in pieces large enough to resell and the rest will make nice filler for a sink class. The one damaged white sheet only had a corner chipped.

So more about the legendary elusive Moby Dick of glass--my 66 sheets of 6' X 2' White Tekta. After we got it off the truck (and propped it up against the picnic table so it wouldn't fall over), we (Dee and Lori were AMAZING!) processed most of it into 4' X 2' sheets, 3' X 2' sheets, and 2' X 2' sheets. Really, this is the ONLY case of white Tekta currently in existence and yours truly has it all. It has never been sold anywhere else (outside of the BE factory), and unless someone orders 5000 sq feet of it, it won't be available anywhere else any time soon. Cuts like butter, get it while it's available.

For those of you on the Siyeh Glass mailing list, you'll get details on pricing and availability in the next week or so (along with details on the upcoming Opaline-a-palooza . If you're not on the mailing list... why not?!?


Cynthia Morgan said...

Good grief. And the dudes with the trucks didn't notice the box was...uhm...a little cattywampus?

Bill said...

Will you be getting any restitution from the company or the shipper?