Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Forest From the Trees... Again

Yesterday I woke with the fire and the fervor to finally get the Siyeh Glass newsletter out announcing the next round of classes (beginning with Opalina-palooza and Reactive Saturdays), the arrival and availability of the white Tekta, and new hours. As a start, while the family went off on a three-mile hike, I updated and cleaned up my emailing list in Vertical Response and then moved onto designing the layout for the newsletter. I should've brought breadcrumbs. First there was the metaphorical tree of a template for the email. My idea was that I'd put together a permanent newsletter layout and that would make it easy to just dump data and photos in every couple of weeks. Picking a template--or even deciding between using the creation wizard or a different layout tool--got to be to frustrating so I took a break to work on a logo. In the absence of Mike's skills I thought I just whip one up based on the others he did. Snort.

A couple of hours Dave and J arrived back from their hike and I had an oh-shoot moment at how little I'd done. I vowed to buckle down and recover the fire, drive and purpose I'd woken with. I worked a little more out on the balcony of our room and then the sun was too bright so I retreaed inside... where Jessie was watching a movie on the Disny channel called Cow Belles. Ho boy.I liken it to a visit to the witch's oven in the middle I ignored it as best I could, but by 5:00 when it was time to go play family minigolf I had a start on a logo that I didn't even like... and nothing else.

The rest of the day/evening was all about family (no minigolf but a cool chair lift ride to the top of the Natural Bridge), pizza from a local rock-climber hangout (we were if not the oldest, definitely the largest people there), a rousing game of Carcassone (I won big), and a little reading before lights out.

Today, we drive home. While I have laptop juice and Dave is driving, I am going to WHIP OUT THAT NEWSLETTER! Really, how hard can it be?

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Bill said...

For those of us stricken with ADHD, pretty hard...