Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Morning You Sure Look Fine

Coffee in the Atlanta skyline mug, the ticking of the clock and the snoring of Ernie Monstrocat for music. So far this morning I waded through the mail (recycle, recycle, recycle, file, recycle, needs action... wash, rinse repeat). That last sentence should be longer--as in there should be many more tasks completed by 10:44 am (which it is now). *sigh* There was a lot of mail. Now I'm going to hit some of the highlights of the "needs attention" piles (plural, really) before checking in with Lakeem on my Creative Loafing ad status for the week and getting a couple of kiln loads in. And a newsletter written. Oy. I want a clone of myself for Mother's Day and another one for my birthday, can you help me out there?

Vacation is over--though there are more posts and pics coming from it to Stranded In the South--and it is good to be home.

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Bill said...

Welcome back!