Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday Hours

Oh I am tired this morning. I should make some coffee, but it's too much effort. It's a relatively late morning and the rest of the house still snores abed. Ernie and I though, well, we're up. I'm up because I need to get a load of roll-up pieces in the pick-up kiln to do this afternoon, Ernie's up because he sleeps in my spot on the couch and I had to shift him over to sit down and post. (When he's sleepy and you scratch under his chin, he closes his eyes and sticks out his tongue while he purrs.)

If I have to get a roll-up load in, why am I sitting on the couch and posting? I am waiting for kilns and the glass in them to cool down. I made the slabs for rolling up yesterday and when I looked in on them this morning, they were still at 196 degrees. Likewise for the annealer in the hotshop (also serving as the current pick-up kiln till the new pick-up kiln is finished this week). Lee had a Date Night last night and the pieces from it were still at 194 degrees after I prepped the kiln shelves for the roll-ups and opened the kiln with the slabs.

So I post and resist the lure of the bed upstairs. It was a long, intense week and I am pooped. Unfortunately, it's not over. Now that the studio (glass resource center) is open on Saturdays, my week ends on Saturday instead of Friday. Does that mean, you might ask, that I am going to take Mondays off? Sadly, no. While the retail part of the studio will be closed, I will use the time to catch up on finances, paperwork, webwork, and making the pieces for orders. I don't see a six-day schedule working indefinitely, but for now...

Now back to the studio to see if glass is cool enough to unload so I can get the roll-ups in.

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Bill said...

Better to be busy, than to sit and fret!