Thursday, March 25, 2010


I can no longer NOT POST! I am *still* not finished with the class write-up and schedule (what can I say? It's been a month!), but I did get my article written and off to Glass Patterns Quarterly, I did get the first draft of the summer camp write-up done, and I am working on the class thing. Also accomplished were a big order from Bullseye including--are you ready for it?--a case of white Tekta. This is one of the holy grails of glass, and I have the only case in existence. It's going to be the April special for the studio and that's a big thing as no one anywhere has ever had it for sale before. Think of it--a fusible white class in a an even 24"X72" sheet that cuts like butter. I think I'm going to have to put together a strip-piece class for a transparent and white glass just to celebrate!

Thanks to Fox News and Good Day Atlanta we have had date nights booked pretty solid for the past couple of weeks. Now it's time for the next marketing push: I had 1250 brochures printed up and bought a box of clear acrylic brochure stands for them and I'm going to take them around to local businesses I patronize and ask them if they will let me put them out, We'll see what kind of a response that gets. I've also been sending brochures home with the people who have done date nights to hand out to their friends. Between word of mouth and the brochures, I think we can continue our momentum.

Now I just need to get momentum going on the classes... This weekend I have a windchime class at the studio through Oakhurst Community Gardens. I'm going to do this one a bit differently than I've done the previous classes. Instead of having them fuse the pieces for their windchimes, I'm going to have them assemble pre-fused pieces... I think. The trick is that I only have them for a couple of hours. If I had them for two sessions we could fuse in one and assemble in the other. Maybe the answer is to have them assemble everything up to adding the glass, then have them put together the glass bits for me to fuse. Then I would attach the glass bits when they came out of the kiln. No, I think I'll give them lots of pieces of fused chime bits with loops fused into them, and I'll let them design and assemble their own chimes and take them when they go.


Now back from my ikebana chapter meeting, missed my glass delivery, trying to get it rescheduled... It's a day. AND a thunderstorm is rolling in. Maybe I better get back to the class schedule.


Bill said...

Do you actually have time to breathe?

Dee said...

bill, she SOMETIMES has a moment to breathe here and there, trying to get her to build in more breathing time...

Tonya said...

I'm going 'chime' in here (oh! I know it was too terrible!). Can you give them the option of either using your pre-fused pieces or making their own and you fire them?

Part of the allure of any grown up art class is making it yourself. If this is a class for kiddos, I'm in your camp of pre-fused.

Cynthia Morgan said... must post...some more? ;-)