Friday, March 05, 2010

The Week Endeth... NOT

Is waiting for coffee more or less frustrating than waiting for Godot? I wouldn't know. I don't know Godot, but I am more than a little impatient for coffee this morning (who knew?). And speaking of waiting... The Point of Sale program I have been evaluating (and using in the process to create all of my orders from the BMAC) came to the end of it's trial period unexpectedly this week and locked me out of my data. By buying a physical copy of it online and having it shipped instead of just buying a license key and downloading it I saved $270 (over 50%). But since then I have been waiting for the software (with the license key--which is all I really need) to arrive. It should have been her yesterday. I hate waiting.

I am scattered and swamped today so it's a perfect time to post. Posting will clarify (what can really be accomplished in what's left of the day) and organize (those tasks I am meant to accomplish) for me. But first a recap of the week since I last posted.

Wednesday Todd and I helped Dee clean and organize a tiny corner of her studio. Oh. My. Goodness. Let's just leave it at that (and we'll be going back next Wednesday for a repeat--I'll wear a hazmat suit this time). Wednesday night's survey class was great and I have several new ideas for more classes. I forgot my camera (again), but one of the people in the class took photos and sent them to me (thank you Melinda).

Today--without Judy who is on vacation till St. Pat's day--I ship the first monumental load of orders from the Buyer's Market. I also finalize my current order for Bullseye and get it to Geraldine. While I am in an ordering mood I need more shipping supplies, though that may fall off the plate till Monday because I have my ad for Creative Loafing to design and submit today and that's going to take some time. Finally, I am a week behind on getting my taxes to Helen (the accountant) as I had four pages of expenses from the personal accounts to enter along with a year's worth of mileage. I got the mileage done right away and even finished up the personal expenses, but now I am wading through the P&L statement and Balance sheet to make sure everything is categorized appropriately and doesn't say "confirm" on it and I still have to adjust the materials inventory and cost of goods sold numbers for the year.
That sounds like more than enough to take up my day, and I'm sure there'll be more things that come up on the fly. Darn flies.

I'll be in the studio both days this weekend working on orders on Saturday and teaching a garden stake class through Oakhurst Community Gardens on Sunday.


Bill said...

I can imagine that you'd find waiting difficult, what with energy bubbling out of your every pore...

Dee said...

LOL bill you should have seen her dealing with the one small section of my studio wed! a complete re-org and stashing of glass in 2 hrs!

brenda, we're gonna work on the shipping/inventory area next, no hazmat suit required ;)

Anonymous said...

I bet I have Dee beat in the studio-needs-to-be-cleaned/sorted-piles category. Although, hers does sound promising close!

Nancy Goodenough

Dee said...

LOL nancy, i'll take some pics this afternoon and also see what i have wandering my hard drives of the before version ;) i'll show you mine if you show me yours hehehehehehe

becky said...

Er thought we spent a painful morning sorting most of the stuff for taxes out and then I went and figured out the mileage for you?


Brenda Griffith said...

Credit where credit is due: V. did figure out the mileage (which is why I was able to get it entered right away). The rest was a mystery (and a mess. There's a lesson here boys and girls--don't use your personal credit cards for business expenses...).