Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sick as a Dog...

... Except that the dogs aren't sick so I don't even know what that phrase means. I am trying to take it a bit easy today. Class ran long last night--I left Brian demoing beadmaking (the subject of their next class session) and went home to crash. Dave was right, I did leave the J with a little too much responsibility and though she had showered, she had not fed the pets or put herself to bed before I got home. We both crashed hard to Magic Treehouse "Ghost Town at Sundown" on her iPod. Today I lack energy for more than putting up the videos from the Fox shoot yesterday. Enjoy!


Beadmaking with Brian:

Kilnforming with Yours Truly:

Glassblowing with Lee 1:

Glassblowing with Lee 2:


Douglas said...

Very COOL!!! If that doesn't bring you business then nothing will. Thanks for posting so us non-Georgia's could see it.

Anonymous said...

Dee! I saw you on television!

What a fabulous way to get that business going, Brenda. Keep it up and you'll get to stay away from shows.

In the meantime, give your body a rest.

Nancy Goodenough

maria said...

FABULOUS! Good job Brenda!

Bill said...


You're more interesting than the reporter, anyway...

Oh, and nice to see you, again.

judith said...

finally took some time on the computer from washington state to watch the fox news day,HOW GREAT ! sorry I missed it, but it was alot of fun to watch, everyone did a good job. personally, I loved it when Cheryl had to get up on the stool to work !