Thursday, February 01, 2007

News of the Weird

Coffee in the Chicago skyline mug, CNN news video (the report on the cat in the washer--CatWash--on YouTube) as the audio this morning. Disney will be suing someone soon. I think I'll go back to iTunes.

Yesterday I finished the first edit of 12 of the 19 projects in the book. This morning I have to finish the rest and then go straighten the house prior to the arrival of the in-laws. My postcard is on schedule and due to arrive Friday, now I just need to get the mailing list together and the mailing labels made. I only had 500 postcards run off this time. I get the super-size ones (if I can't super-size my food anymore, at least I can super-size my postcards!) and they take a regular 39 cent stamp to mail. Going to keep the mailing list tight and meaningful instead of using a scattershot approach this time.

Oh and I have to call Carol (my apprentice) and tell her I won't be in the studio Friday!!! I am an idiot. My schedule has been so helter-skelter that first I told her no, and she dutifully write it in her PalmPilot. Then when she double-checked the following week I said yes, and she dutifully erased it in her PalmPilot. Now I have to tell her no again. She is going to think I am a complete flake--and I'm not, really!

It is five to nine and dark as a mountain cave outside. Wet and cold too. Dave said two of the native Atlantans on his team have already written to say they will be working from home today because they are afraid of the drive in. Sure, the forecast called for freezing rain and ice, but it's just rain, people! Southern wimps. We northerners, we know how to drive in the winter. Heck, for proof, just check out the story on the news van that fell through the ice in Wisconsin.

Hmm. That's two links to weird news this morning. I don't seem to be in the mood to either clean or edit, and yet, that's my day... Maybe I'll make something too. That always perks me up. I know! Andrea's Cloudstone piece. Too bad the people for whom that color was specially blended never got back to me about their sinks. Come to think of it, they still owe me money for their dinnerware. As does a gallery in California. The gallery is 60 days past due at this point and I am beginning to get angry. Having to pursue people for payment is one of the worst jobs of the small business owner. I could follow some of my colleagues lead and say payment before shipping. Period. No more Net 30, but I don't get quite enough abuses to feel comfortable with that approach.

One last off-glass-topic and I go work. See "Pan's Labyrinth". And be prepared for a really justified R-rating. There was one scene I just. could. not. watch. Even Dave only watched about half of it. Knife meets flesh. They disagree. Knife wins. Flesh must be... repaired. Ugh.

(One last news item: Naked Harry Potter. Nice abs Harry!)


Anonymous said...

Glad the postcard is happening.

P.S. The tv truck went down in a lake about 15 minutes from us. That poor woman will never be able to live it down!

Bill Paley said...

In re: Potter.

Ew, I say.

Jodi said...

Yeah, I'm skipping Pan's Labyrinth. Eric saw it a few weeks ago and told me how violent it gets. No thanks.