Friday, February 09, 2007

Boxes, Seder, and Commissions, Oh My!

Coffee in a paper Jupiter Coffee mug--with an extra shot of espresso and half 'n' half instead of Coffee mate. Yep, took Jester (deerie #2... or #1 as the case may be) and walked a half an hour for coffee this morning. That's twice this week. I need a nap! "Teardrop" by Massive Attack on iTunes. I am *really* (really, really) enjoying the cd mix sent from Ren. Though I have to say, a lot of it makes the Counting Crows (used to be as mopey as mope rock gets) sound positively perky.

Today is Friday. The apprentice comes on Friday so I have an enforced studio day. Not that I usually need to be forced to hang out there, but this week I have been struggling with priorities. Too much surfing, too little doing. Later this morning, when the kiln has cooled from another late-in-the-day firing, I will take four panels into Dixie Glasshoppers to be drilled (three for the commission and one for the BMAC) and beg to get them back Monday so I can ship them before I go. I hope Kelly doesn't leap across the counter to disembowel me when I tell him when I need them back. I need my bowels, and I need him to drill my glass so I don't have to. The least I will get is a dirty look. Maybe I should make cookies for them again.

Now Carol is here, off to the studio!


Bill Paley said...

Do you take cookie dough costs as a business expense? You should.

Anonymous said...

Cookies, Cookies Good! Good!
I wish I could bribe people that way. All my customers want me to buy them lunch.


ren said...

i TOLD you that it was a stab at a melancholy mix...or a miserable mix. don't make me do a perky mix, you wouldn't want to have to listen to all that britney spears stuff, now would you?

now i am going to have to break out some goth and emo on you and show you what real mopey music sounds like!

Brenda Griffith said...

Ooooh! More britney... not. But thank you again for introducing me to Deathcab for Cutie. I like "I'll Follow You Into the Dark" so much I bought the whole album from the iTunes store yesterday.