Thursday, December 21, 2006

Winding Down

Coffee (from Jupiter coffee with an extra shot of espresso in it) in the Atlanta skyline mug, some slow instrumental Christmas thing on the iPod. I think I need to clean up this playlist and not put ALL the Christmas songs on it. Some of them just aren't that good! (And we have 357...)

Got the last commissions fired and the one that needs to be drilled off to Dixie Glasshoppers yesterday. They are swamped but will try to get to it in the next couple of days for me. I brought them cookies and they said that improved my chances. I love having a business which provides me with the excuse to give people cookies. And these cookies are special because I bought the frozen dough as part of a raise-money-for-school thing in my neighborhood so I got to support the hood kiddies, and I have something to give my professional contacts for Christmas (and they taste incredible and all I had to do was put them on a tray and bake. As Dave would say, these are the days of miracles and wonder!). So my UPS driver Al and his son got a dozen, Dixie Glasshoppers got a little over a dozen, and we still have some here!

The year winds down. It is Thursday, but it feels like Friday. I will probably not fire anything more for the rest of the year. Next week I have paperwork, inventory and massive studio cleaning on tap. The photo shoot for all the how-to photos for the book is scheduled for January 24-26. The timing couldn't be better--late enough I have time to redo projects and get all the project stages ready to photograph, and not right up against the Buyer's Market in February. I may live through the first of the year after all!

And now a bit of disappointing but not altogether unexpected news: Neither the Coptic Blue Eye Box nor the Carnivale Box was selected for Corning's New Glass Review. *sigh* Something to try for again next year!

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Bill Paley said...

No more slaving away over a hot kiln...I bet Dave is champing at the bit to chase you around the living room a little...