Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

No coffee yet--and that's a crime, let me tell you, no music either. It is 9:32 and we are waiting for Jessie to wake up and come down to see what goodies Santa brought in the night. Now at her age I was up by 7:30 no matter what. But we had friends over last night for the traditional Christmas Eve lasagna and champagne, and we ended by watching Love Actually till 12:30. It was a very late night for the J. So we wait.

And while we wait I want to wish A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS to the Glass Incarnate Regulars Barbara, Bill, Doug, Jodi, Julian, Ren, Sandy, & Sue! Happy New Year and Peace to one and all.


Bill Paley said...

...and I spent last night making spiced pecans...

And today I work.

Happy holidays!

Jodi said...

I'm waiting for E to get up so we can open our gifts! He stayed up late wrapping and printing out photos of some things he had shipping issues with. I like to wait though so it's not over so quickly, so in the meantime I watch the A Christmas Story marathon and go through photos from last night.

Merry Christmas to you!!!