Friday, December 22, 2006

Strategies of Success

Coffee in the New York skyline mug, "Emmanuel" performed by William Ackerman on iTunes. I already posted about Peace on Earth on Stranded in the South. Now I sit and watch the rain fall on my pallet of boxes of frit and molds in the driveway. It came Monday and I never got it unpacked and now it is pouring. I hope the plastic wrap keeps most of it dry. On the other hand, it is tubs of crushed glass and ceramic molds. How much harm can rain actually do?

I am not by nature a passive-aggressive person. I am flat-out aggressive. If I think something, I say it. If I see a wrong, I stand up against it. I do not play a good long-game. I pay lip service to Grace Murray Hopper and occasionally beg forgiveness instead of asking permission, but more often I demand permission up front. Why does this trait come up today? I observe around me the success and failure rates of those who put "it" out and signal their intentions, and those who smile and nod, deftly change the subject when it is raised, and blithely do whatever the heck they please in the end. The latter seem to come out ahead and have less stress than the former. Should I change my strategy? Am I even flexible enough to be able to do so?

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Bill Paley said...

If you want to be more flexible, take up yoga.